Tips for Building an Eco-Friendly Fall Wardrobe

Make your fall wardrobe more eco-friendly this season by following the tips below! The best part is you don’t have to sacrifice style or versatility!

Is your closet full of garments that are out-of-style or no longer fit? Take them to a good tailor who can “upcycle” them into garments that fit like a glove and feature new designs. Instead of purchasing the very latest trends every season, opt for garments with classic lines and cuts that you can wear for several years before they go out of style.

Purchase garments that are made to last, ethically sourced, and manufactured using non-toxic chemicals and materials. Do your research to find out which clothing labels and retailers are the most eco-friendly. For example, certain fabrics can be made out of recycled material and dyed with non-toxic dyes. Also, seek manufacturers who pay their workers a fair wage. While eco-friendly garments tend to be pricier than their more hazardous counterparts, the long-term savings and other advantages of purchasing these items are important to consider. Avoid purchasing “dry clean only” garments, because the chemicals used to clean them are harmful to humans and to the environment. If you already own “dry clean only” garments, take them to a cleaner that specializes in non-toxic methods such as liquid carbon dioxide cleaning.

Organize a clothing swap with your friends. Bring the items you no longer wear and walk away with “new-to-you: items! Donate the rest to a local thrift store.


Photo Montage

During the final days of fall, get a little creative! Make a photo montage to preserve your memories. All you need is a blank canvas, printed pictures, and Mod Podge or other glue. Lightly paint the glue over the canvas using a paint brush, and then lay out your photographs, pressing each one down gently. When they are dry, trim any edges hanging off of the canvas space and cover with a layer of Mod Podge. Along with being great gifts for friends and family, photo montages are great for decorating your own home!


Meeting new people is always an adventure, filled with opportunities to expand our social circle as well as the occasional challenge, like feeling uncomfortable around strangers. By practicing a few conversational strategies, we can all get the most out of any social event.
Join a club or group whose sole purpose is to build a community around common interests. Book clubs, sewing groups, and cooking groups work especially well for these purposes because the activities themselves fuel most of the conversation, even among strangers. Social chatter will naturally follow, enabling participants to build friendships outside of official group events.
Attend cocktail parties, networking events, and mixers by yourself, arms with a plan to make one or two new contacts before you leave. To work the room like the most vivacious of social butterflies, always position yourself with “open” body language, by turning your shoulders toward each person you speak to and uncrossing your arms. This form of nonverbal communication shows others that you are approachable and friendly.
When you initiate a new conversation in any social situation, bypass commonly-asked questions like, “Where are you from?” in favor of questions like, “What’s your favorite thing about this city?” or “What books or movies do you recommend and why?”
These will yield interesting information that you can bond over in future encounters.

Sporting Life 10k Sunday May 13

On Sunday May 13th Sporting Life is holding its annual 10K run to raise money for Camp Oochigeas. The run starts in our 305 Roehampton and Hampton House neighbourhood at Yonge and Roselawn and then travels right down Yonge St. The route is Canada’s easiest 10k course and the fastest anywhere.


Since 2000, Sporting Life’s 10K run has raised over $17 million and sent thousands of kids to Camp Ooch. At Camp Ooch children with and affected by cancer get the opportunity to have fun, make friendships and most importantly, just be kids.


Check out the Sporting Life 10k website for more information including how to register, donating and road closures.

Jane’s Walk Saturday May 5


On Saturday May 5 from 10am to noon, the Eglinton BIA and the Eglinton Crosstown LRT are teaming up to host a Jane’s Walk guided tour along Eglinton Ave W. The walking tour will start in the Shopper’s Drug Mart parking lot at Latimer and Eglinton (550 Eglinton Ave W) and travel to Burger Shack at Oriole Parkway and Eglinton (233 Eglinton Ave W). The tour will involve a lively discussion about the history of our neighbourhood and how it is changing.


See the Eglinton Way BIA website for more events, sales and happenings along Eglinton.


Jane’s Walk holds guided walking tours all over Toronto. Check out the website for more details.


The Eglinton Crosstown LRT is scheduled to be completed in 2021. For construction updates and other events see the Eglinton Crosstown website.


Sarah Andersen at Indigo April 10


Cartoonist and illustrator, Sarah Andersen is coming to our local Indigo on April 10. Sarah is the creator of the web comic, Sarah’s Scribbles and

author of Adulthood is a Myth and Big Mushy Lump. Sarah’s comics are semi-autobiographical and have a slightly self-deprecating sense of humour that’s endearing and relatable.

Sarah’s comics have a huge fan following and the 25-year-old already has over 2 million followers
on Instagram.

On April 10, Sarah will be at Indigo Yonge and Eglinton from 7pm – 8pm introducing her latest Sarah’s Scribbles book, Herding Cats. She will be signing books afterwards.


Indigo Yonge and Eglinton is only an 11-minute walk from our 305 Roehampton and Hampton House communities. To find out more about events at our local Indigo, check out their Facebook page.


For more on Sarah Andersen and her comics, check out her website.

Spring Cleaning

At KG Group we’re constantly cleaning to maintain our beautiful communities. Here are our best tips for spring cleaning your apartment.


It might be tempting to do all your cleaning on a grey day, but it’s more efficient to dust when it’s sunny out! The natural light will help you see the dust particles better.

We love our pups but their fur can be tricky to get off of furniture. Try putting on rubber gloves, wetting them, and then swiping your hands over furniture to remove the fluff.

Don’t forget to clean your cleaners. Remember to empty your vacuum, run cleaning cycles on your washing machine and dishwasher, and vacuum or wash your broom head.

When you’re shopping for dishwasher soap or laundry detergent, remember to look for the high-efficiency symbol. These products will work better in our machines.

Spread out your cleaning. Don’t try to tackle it all in one day because that can be exhausting and overwhelming. Do a little each day (or each week) and your apartment will be sparkling in no time.

Infinity Mirrors at the AGO


After selling out at all of its previous venues, Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors has arrived at the AGO. The exhibit features Kusama’s drawings, paintings, sculptures and of course, her iconic infinity mirror rooms. The six kaleidoscope rooms reflect endlessly, in an immersive and mesmerizing experience.

At 88 years of age, Yayoi Kusama continues to work at her Tokyo studio. The Infinity Mirrors exhibit reflects the evolution of Kusama’s 65-year career. She was the first woman to have a solo presentation at Venice Biennale’s Japanese Pavilion, and in 2016, Kusama was named one of the world’s most influential people by Time magazine.

The Ago is a short subway ride away from both our 305 Roehampton and Hampton House communities near Eglinton Station, and our 105 Harrison and Oakburn communities near Sheppard Station.

The next batch of tickets to the AGO’s Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors go on sale at 10am on March 27.

For more information check out the AGO’s website.

March 19–25 Karma Week

Oxygen Yoga and Fitness is moving into our 305 Roehampton and Hampton House neighbourhood. To celebrate its grand opening, Oxygen is holding Karma week, a week of free yoga classes and collecting donations for Childhood Cancer Canada. Karma Week runs March 19–25 and has a great schedule of different classes available throughout the day.

Oxygen Yoga and Fitness is conveniently located on Eglinton, just west of Avenue Rd. and offers a variety of both yoga and fitness classes. Hot yoga, barre fusion, boxing, tone and sculpt, and candlelight deep stretch are just a few of the many types of classes that are available at Oxygen.

If you can’t make it to Karma Week, don’t stress! Oxygen offers a one week new member trial for only $10.

For more information check out the Oxygen Yoga and Fitness website:


West Elm

Contemporary furniture store, West Elm has opened its second Toronto location just a 15-minute walk from our 305 Roehampton and Hampton House communities. The furniture chain that started out in Brooklyn, New York is a Branch of Williams-Sonoma. Lighter furniture pieces are its specialty, so West Elm is the perfect place to get furniture and décor for your apartment.

Another reason to love West Elm is that it’s all about making a difference and supporting our community. The new location in our neighbourhood features its own line, as well as local Toronto designers, furniture makers, and artisans while 20% of all its products are handcrafted. West Elm boasts fair trade, sustainably sourced items that are made from organic fibres and materials and has set goals for the future to maintain and improve upon these standards.

With West Elm in our neighbourhood, socially conscious, modern and affordable pieces are even closer to home.

For more information, check out West Elm’s website.