As we become more and more digital with our communication, downtime and now even work life  having a media centre that flows into our day to day schedule has become a key feature in select Roehampton luxury rental suites.


Working from home has become a more convenient way to optimize your time to benefit the lifestyle you are looking to maintain. Whether it is the ability to work in the comfort of your own home or the freedom of creating your own schedule, having a structured space to rely on can keep you organized and on track.


Media centers are not only beneficial for working but can be a great space for a gaming, sound system and a community space when sharing photos and videos with family and friends.
Having a media centre right at home is a convenient way to organize. Important documents , bills, receipts, photos and a great place to keep calendars, schedules and reminders. Some may find this space effective as a communication centre for their   work, social life and plans with family.

If you are looking for an apartment and have been considering the Yonge and Eglinton area, give one of our lovely Leasing Consultants a call now  to get more information and set up a tour of our brand new luxury suites. 

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