Best Sangria Spots near Roehampton

Patio Weather is here to stay (hopefully)! After a packed weekend and a busy Monday at the office,  #Sangria is the perfect way to kick back with some friends, co-workers or maybe even that cute guy you met on the Subway the other day! Here are our top 3  picks near Roehampton.

  1. Mariachi’s2084 Yonge Street


Perfect for a patio afternoon! Beautiful and cozy spot Mariachi’s on Yonge Street make you feel at home and has an adorable patio area to enjoy a beautiful fresh pitcher of Sangria!

  1. Absolute Comedy – 2335 Yonge Street


This is no joke! These guys know how to make a mean Sangria. Have a fabulous laugh with a beautiful pitcher of Sangria at Absolute Comedy on Yonge Street! Just a short walk away, get a group of friends together- they have some excellent weekend and evening group packages!


  1. 7 numbers516 Eglinton West


Get your girlfriends to meet you at your Roehampton suite and take a short cab ride (Please don’t drink and drive) to get to some amazing, authentic Italian soul food and a beautiful red wine Sangria.

Roehampton is located near so many great spots to enjoy the beautiful summer weather! Share your #Sangria pics and recipe with us on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram or Pinterest!

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