CFAA Rental Housing Conference Tours Roehampton

In June, Roehampton had the pleasure of hosting a panel from the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (“CFAA”) for a tour and talk with our Team.


The Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations (“CFAA”) represents the owners and managers of close to one million residential rental suites in Canada, through 11 associations across Canada and direct landlord memberships. In existence since 1995, CFAA is the sole national organization representing the interests of Canada’s $480 billion private rental housing industry, which provides quality rental homes for more than eight million Canadians.

We thank everyone who attended this event! Here are some photos from the event. Feel free to share if you see yourself. Our very own Dianna Attar, Director of Leasing and Marketing spoke on a panel at the CFAA Conference highlighting the importance of social media in our industry.  KG Group is acknowledged for its leadership in social media marketing.

1K8A9945 - Jeremy Jackson, Sarah Stewart, Dianna Attar

For More information about the CFAA please Click here.

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